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KIDS classes NOW HERE!

Finally, the Kids program is here. We didn’t want to offer something until we knew it would be fantastic…..

Kids Jiujitsu program: Jiujitsu is a fantastic way to introduce self-defense, confidence building, and fitness to our kids. Jiujitsu is known as the "gentle art" however it has been proven most effective in the most difficult situations. Jiu Jitsu starts on the feet but eventually goes to the ground and becomes a dynamic grappling art to submit and equalize your opponent. 95% of fights and struggles in real life go to the ground and Jiujitsu is known as the most effective self-defense on the ground (most famous in the early UFC events on TV). Jiujitsu early forms all come from Japan but the true evolution of the sport comes from Brazil. Some refer to it as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but the fame has overrun the traditional Jiu Jitsu where most places that refer to Jiujitsu are doing some form of Brazilian Jiujitsu or Gracie Jiujitsu (from the Brazilian Gracie family). 


Why is this so important for kids? Jiu Jitsu is famous for defeating or submitting an opponent without using any strikes or body blows. It is a gentle art and a very technical martial art that teaches kids self-control, confidence, humility all while having fun. At Sparks we are lucky to have a 3rd degree young black belt who has been actively teaching Jiujitsu in schools for 12 years! Most local Jiu Jitsu gyms will have lower colored belts teach kids classes, but not with Sparks.

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